I Tried Silk Thread!

Oh, silk. You’re so lovely.

The gentleman at Trillium Buttons Inc. asked with some concern if I knew I was buying a spool of silk thread. Apparently people tend to grab it without noticing and are surprised when they’re charged almost $6. He was a bit bemused when I started rattling on about how I’d heard silk was the strongest thread ever. It seems that not everyone is obsessed with the fibre content of their sewing thread.

IMG_6169What did I use it for? Well, I’ve signed up for an adult beginner ballet class. I used the thread to sew the elastics into my new dance shoes. A full week in advance. The Mermaid Seamstress is not just an enthusiastic nerd about sewing, she’s an enthusiastic nerd about EVERYTHING.

The silk was undistinguishable from polyester on the spool. I’m glad Gutermann colour-codes their fibers (silk is on blue spools), or I’d be lost. It felt very different to my fingers, though. Lovely and smooth. I’ve had a slight issue with cotton thread working its way out of the smallest guide on my machine, the one closest to the needle. Maybe because it’s a bit bouncier than synthetic? In any case, the silk didn’t have this issue, and played beautifully with my machine. It might be a good thing that it comes in a limited range of colours. Otherwise I’d be tempted to use it for every project.

I used this excellent tutorial from The Adult Beginner (I LOVE this blog) to sew the elastics in correctly. I think they look pretty good! Will the silk thread hold up to the dance stylings of a decidedly not-svelte beginner? We’ll see.

Speaking of not-so-sylph-like ballerinas, has anyone else seen Big Ballet?


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